About Wyoming Wildlife Coalition

Wyoming People Creating Wyoming Solutions

The Wyoming Wildlife Coalition unites diverse stakeholders – individuals, organizations, hunters, anglers, ranchers, and more – with a shared mission: to align Wyoming's laws with the values of Wyoming’s citizens. Currently, a misalignment jeopardizes the well-being and future of Wyoming's wildlife and threatens Wyoming’s sovereignty in managing our wildlife.

The Mission: 

To align Wyoming's values and principles of wildlife management with its legislative framework. 

We must refine Wyoming's current regulatory and legal framework to: 

● Protect and sustain all of Wyoming's iconic wildlife, including wolves and grizzly bears, which attract tourists worldwide. 

● Acknowledge the millions of annual visitors who contribute to Wyoming's $4.2 billion tourism industry, which is vital to the livelihood of its residents. 

● Ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors alike. 

Key Initiatives: 

The Coalition will address initiatives aligned with our mission to advocate for wildlife in Wyoming, ensuring the protection and preservation of our state's precious natural heritage. 

The Coalition will prioritize two key initiatives: 

Prohibiting Animal Take with Motor Vehicles: Wyoming Wildlife Coalition advocates prohibiting taking any animal with a motor vehicle. It's imperative to abolish snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles as legal methods of take, ensuring the safety and welfare of wildlife populations, and promoting ethical hunting practices. 

Expanding Animal Cruelty Protections: We're dedicated to explicitly including all wildlife in Wyoming's animal cruelty statute (Wyo. Stat. § 6–3–1001 et seq.). By addressing this gap in legislation, we aim to safeguard the well-being of wildlife and hold perpetrators accountable for acts of cruelty. 

Wyoming's laws must mirror our collective values concerning wildlife, ensuring ethical and humane treatment and conservation efforts. By advocating for legislation and change, we strive for a balanced system that respects the diverse perspectives of all who appreciate and enjoy Wyoming's wildlife.


About Wyoming Wildlife Coalition